Grendizer (French and Arab versions) - 6 years ago
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Grendizer (French and Arab versions)

Channel : Dessins Animés en Arabe - Arabic Cartoon

You saw the way Bruce was looking at me? Sorry for the mess, but I actually felt a loss of power, like I`m being ignored. Huh, my crimes had nothing to do with the school. Grendizer is the original Japansese name, and it is kept Grendizer in Arab. In French, it is called Goldorak. There was Goldorak mania in Quebec and in France just before Thriller mania hit and eclipsed it. This suggests that Superman is a transman (upside down). This was made about the same time, or slightly before Christopher Reeve's Superman. "Oh, I saved you." said Michael. "This crude uranium in a suitcase... and, undetected, it would reach its final destination: the US." "I noticed."