Diapers Help Your Plants Grow! - 5 years ago
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Diapers Help Your Plants Grow!

Channel : Divers

Wait .. Diapers? How do those help your plants? Trust me, it's probably not what you're thinking. For more projects videos, check out http://www.thekingofrandom.com Now you know that using diapers can really make sense in growing your plants. And in a similar train of "out of the box" thinking, did you know there's a way to find a fun, German-engineered car, that actually makes sense too? Check out my friends at Volkswagon, who were a huge support for this video. Every new Volkswagen comes with no-charge scheduled maintenance for the first two years or 24,000 miles. #NowYouKnow For more information visit http://vwoa.us/160kehn. In this video you'll see how to use new, or "gently used", diapers to; - Make a "super gel" for better gardening - Cut your watering schedule in half - Help fresh cut flowers last longer and look awesome - Start growing seeds the lazy way - Protect your plants from overwatering and under watering WARNING: The results, depictions and claims portrayed in this video are based on the limited experiences I had to test the claims prior to production. All information is believed to be true and correct at time of publication, and no information or results have been found to indicate otherwise. Individual results may vary depending on location and application. Use of video content is at own risk. Find me on FB: https://www.facebook.com/thekingofrandomfanpage Special thanks to my friends Scott & Brendo for letting me use their song ("Photographs" - Instrumental). If you like their music, you can download it here: http://bit.ly/ScottBrendoiTunes Project inspired by: Kipkay (Crazy Diaper Gag!): http://youtu.be/Sk8r8Vo4U_M and Steve Spangler (The Baby Diaper Secret - Sick Science! #018): http://youtu.be/VTU3JNAlOG8 I love the idea that simple resources can be utilized to help meet our basic survival needs, or help optimize systems with just a shift in thinking, and repurposing our trash. Water and time are both very important resources, and when both can be conserved with very little effort, it's a major win. The next time you have a damaged or defected diaper that you're just going to throw away, why not rip it apart and try some of these experiments for yourself? Just make sure it hasn't been used for it's original intended purpose first!