Moby - Saints (Official Music Video) - 6 years ago
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Moby - Saints (Official Music Video)

Channel : Musique

a director named bradonio has made this amazing video for 'saints' from 'innocents'. it features a stuffed animal rat, so of course i love it. -moby Director, DP, & Editor: Brad Hasse ( Prod. Co: Bradonio Productions Writers: Hoyt Dwyer ( & Brad Hasse Color Correction: Matthew Schwab ( Sound Design/Mix: Timothy Korn ( Puppeteers: Violette de Bartillat, Manami Morita, Brad Hasse "Pack Rat" puppets courtesy of Folkmanis Puppets ( Special Thanks: East Pleasant ( Listen to the full album here: Buy it here... Deluxe CD: iTunes LP (inc. 'A Case For Shame' instant download): Double Gatefold LP + CD: Moby has released a live DVD 'Almost Home -- Live From the Fonda', taken from the only 3 live shows played in support of the new album Innocents at The Fonda in Los Angeles. The DVD features collaborators from the album including Mark Lanegan, Skylar Grey and Damien Jurado and includes hits such as Go, Natural Blues and Why Does My Heart Feels So Bad? The limited edition DVD features 2 CD's + 2 DVD's and is available to pre-order here: More info here: