Shocking Police Videos | Real Crimes Caught On Camera - 6 years ago
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Shocking Police Videos | Real Crimes Caught On Camera

Channel : Course poursuite Police

World's Wildest Police Videos is an American reality TV series that deals with police videos from across the world. Video footage of car chases, subsequent arrests, robberies, riots and other crimes appears on the show. The series ran on Fox from 1998--2002, although episodes were only broadcast up until 2001, when the show shortened its name to Police Videos. In 2012, Spike announced that it had commissioned 13 new episodes with the revival of the original name and John Bunnell returning as host, which premiered May 7, 2012. It examines criminals at their dumbest who are caught on tape, with police pursuits, robberies, and routine traffic stops gone bad. It is jam-packed with outrageous, never-before-seen police footage of deadly high-speed car chases, bank robberies gone wrong, international hostage holdups and more.